On this page you will find articles about Biodynamic work written by LSBP members and other influential people. Click on the links below to read the article.

The Gerda Boyesen Method: Biodynamic Therapy

Meeting the Psyche in the Body

Biodynamic Psychology: Healing through the wisdom of the body

Levels of Consciousness and Contact in Biodynamic Psychotherapy

Promotion of Health and Biodynamic Psychotherapy

Connecting body, mind and soul

Psycho-Peristalsis in the Shared Body

“Help somebody to feel at home in themselves”

Rubens Kignel and Clover Southwell  - recorded interview

“Organism: The Way Into Psychotherapy" Berit Heir Bunkan

Rubens Kignel and Berit Heir Bunkan - recorded interview        

Connectin to the 'Primary Couple Personality':  

 Couples Therapy with Body Psychotherapy

Gabriel Shiraz


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