Requirements for Diploma Training in 
Biodynamic Body-Psychotherapy:

LSBP Diploma in Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy is recognized by the UKCP. To be eligible for an LSBP Diploma students are required to complete the training programme and the following requirements:

  • To have at least 40 hours of personal therapy each year of their training from an LSBP-approved psychotherapist
  • To attend the full workshop programme and fulfil essay requirements
  • To complete 450 hours of psychotherapy practice, including at least 80 hours with one client and 50 hours with another under the requisite supervision
  • To complete a psychiatric placement of at least 20 days
  • To write a 9,000-10,000 word case-study of a client with whom they have worked for at least one year (45 sessions minimum) relating this work to biodynamic theory
  • To write a 4,000 word paper on their own personal and professional development
  • Candidate must satisfy a small panel of assessors that their work is of the required standard of professional competence, maturity and ethical care.


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