Why choose LSBP?

  • LSBP values authenticity and honesty
  • We are respectful of students at all stages of their development and understand that everyone grows in their own way
  • We cultivate a positive outlook through the pursuit of truth and understanding
  • We provide a safe and supportive space for students to explore themselves
  • Our training is longer than most psychotherapy schools in order to provide the opportunity to integrate and embody the Biodynamic theory
  • We maintain small class sizes to ensure students feel fully seen
  • We have an easily accessible venue in a prime North London location
Read what students and clients have said about the London School of Biodynamic Psychotherapy

Testimonials from Basic Certificate Course in Biodynamic Massage students

"I feel more confident in the practical aspects of biodynamic massage, and more aware of the psychological nuances that come with holding a biodynamic session. I feel I have been undergoing my own process, partially through the course and partially through my own therapy that has given me a much stronger sense of internal cohesiveness, and a language with which to articulate my internal world. I feel this awareness has been an invaluable part of my practitioner and personal development." [T.R., Basic Massage student and professional massage practitioner]

"The timing (weekend course), the setting, relaxing and comfortable, made me feel at ease straight away. The number of tutors following us and of course the tutors themselves balancing each other out with their personal qualities. The space for personal development, reflection on ourselves and our processes and thoughts which were always welcomed and accepted." [E.I., Basic Massage student]

Testimonials from Advanced Certificate Course in Biodynamic Massage students

"I have appreciated the presence and support of both trainers very much. I have felt that the space has been held with skilfulness and care at all times. I think that this is partly due to the professionalism and experience of the trainers, and also partly due to the commitment of each individual in the group as a whole." [Y.L., Advanced Certificate course student]

"I have continued the process that was started in the basic certificate course. I have developed a stronger sense of the role that this learning can play in my life and in my relationship to myself, other people and the world around me. I have started to develop a feeling that I am connected to a much wider community of people who work with body-mind and energy in a therapeutic way." [Y.L., Advanced Certificate course student]

Testimonials from Diploma Training in Biodynamic Psychotherapy students

"I have a lot less indecision, procrastination or anxiety. I have more faith, energy, time and space for myself and those around me. Having understood and become more aware of my early upbringing, my losses and gains, I have a better standpoint and renewed relations with my original family."
[J.D., Diploma Training student and owner hairdressers salon]

"On a personal level I feel much more secure being in the therapeutic relationship. Allowing the contact and the intimacy of the space. As a therapist I feel very secure working with the Biodynamic principles; once I feel connected to myself and the higher-self in the moment I am very comfortable and confident." [Y.S., Diploma Training student]

"It’s been an amazing, invaluable and precious period of time which I will always cherish and I am so very grateful for it."
[Y.I., Diploma training student]

Testimonials on lectures on the Diploma course

“I gained and learned a lot from the lectures on psycho pathology, neuroscience and the history of psychotherapy. The lectures on the different psychotherapeutic approaches helped to give it all its right place.” [N.P., psychologist]
Testimonials from student clinic clients

We asked some of our student clinic clients the following question: "Could you give us a short description of how you feel after a biodynamic massage or how it has benefited you?" Below are their reactions.

"Relaxed. Connects me to my body."

"I feel so light... So much pain is taken away..."

"I feel much more relaxed. I feel I have had a space in which to relax and let go of pressures and 'busy' energies."

"I feel deeply connected to my body. It was a great experience."

"Felt very relaxed. Opened up ways of considering my emotions I didn't realise before."

The vast majority of clients rated the massage they received as 10 out of 10.


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